Yesterday I managed to run/jog/walk 6.5 miles! 

I don’t think I have run that far in over 5 years and I definitely wouldn’t have done it without my running buddy. The best part was that is was so beautiful out today and we ran mostly by Lake Union.

Today I ran around Greenlake and managed the inner loop (2.86) in 31 minutes. That means I was running/walking under 11 minute miles!

Sometimes I feel like I don’t give myself enough credit for what I am capable of.  I have seriously been considering a half marathon and I do feel that if I give myself enough time and train properly I’ll be able to do it.

This weekend has been fun and relaxing.  I also stocked up on some groceries from Trader Joe’s.   A few of my favorite things right now are coconut water, zucchini and hummus, and coconut milk and oatmeal to make overnight oats with dried cherries.

I also picked up coconut sugar and medjool dates, so I am going to try to bake a bit this week. I found this recipe for Salted Date Caramels that I want to try out.

Have a super Sunday night!




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