I try to surround myself with positive people that are goal oriented, work hard, and find ways to better themselves on a daily basis.  My mom, my sister, my boyfriend, and my friends are all inspire me to be my personal best.  The people you hang out are very likely to influence you-positively or negatively.  Proof. 

Recently the boyfriend got me into Reddit.  I spend most of my time on Loseit, which is a subreddit dedicated to weightloss. 

Recently a group of women and I have joined up to form BTFC, Blazing Tornados Fitness Club. We started today and are checking in via Google hangout and text.  I have to say, the gal that put this group together is incredibly organized.  She created a google form for us, and then compiled all of our data and made a fitness and meal plan. Amazing!

I also found a fitness buddy in Seattle and we’ve been texting back and forth.  I really like accountability to other people. It’s nice to be inspired by people with similar goals and don’t mind hearing about 5k’s and compression socks, and booty workouts, and on and on. 

Today I did a combo workout including a bubble butt workout. I am not gonna lie, it was hard and I had to pause it a couple of times.  I also worked out on the elliptical and did part of the 1000 workout, but had to stop because it was way hard. I’m planning on keeping up with it so I improve.

Have a happy Monday night.  I highly recommend you make room in your meal plan for fro-yo as I did today.  Yum!


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