Sunny Saturday

Ah, Saturday at last.

I have been tired the past few days and I am pretty sure it’s due to allergies. I took a Claritin today and used my neti pot but have felt tired for most of the day.

Tomorrow I am running another 5k, but I still ran today- I’m training using C25k because I can’t run the entire 5k without stopping.  My hope is that I continue to get faster and each run becomes easier and more enjoyable.


Seattle was sunny and beautiful today, so the boyfriend and I also went to the Botany greenhouse at UW to see an Agave parryi (a native plant to Arizona and New Mexico).


You can see it behind us here

After our walk we went to Yogurtland (my absolute favorite) and got fro yo.  


You can guess which one was mine 😉

I hope you had a fun and relaxing day!



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