What works for me.

What works for me


Ok, as requested twice in one day J

I started on this journey to lose weight and improve my fitness about six weeks ago. It’s not sexy, it’s not glamorous, it’s time consuming and sometimes I want to give up, but it is consistent and for me, it really works.


Track everything.  Everything? Yes everything.  I use MyFitnessPal.  I started off with 1200 calories a day for the first 3 weeks. It worked for me because I was a lot less active, but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this to anyone else.  No one likes to be hungry.  I now eat about 1400 calories a day and am usually happy.


Use Technology.  I use several apps everyday to track my fitness and weight loss including as previously mentioned MyFitnessPal for tracking food, Pact to make sure I do actually go to the gym and track everything I eat AND get paid for it, RunKeeper and MapMyRun for workouts, and Spotify Premium for music, which I could not exercise without.


Weigh and Measure your Food.  Do you know how much salad dressing you put on your salad? I do, because I measured those two tablespoons.  Do you know how much chicken you ate for dinner? I ate 4.8 ounces because I weighed it. 


Drink Water. I drink about 150 ounces a water every day.  As soon as I get up I drink two 14 oz. glasses of water and keep going from there.


Work Out.  When I started working out it sucked. I hated it. I did 20 minutes and then was like, “20 minutes is better than 0 minutes”. From there I pushed myself to 22 minutes..then 25.  Now I do about 30-45 minutes of some kind of exercise every day. Starting sucks.  No really, it fucking sucks. But once you keep at it for a couple of weeks it becomes a lot easier.  I used to drive across campus (yes, I was that lazy) and now I look for ways to make my commute longer because I hate sitting dormant at my desk.


Try Something New. Everyday I try something new I surprise myself. Everytime I run a minute longer than the last time I almost squeal in delight. I often think to myself, OMG, you just did that! I started lifting free weights and do online Pilates (Blogilates) and have pretty much no idea what I am doing, but I am trying. Yes, I may look like an idiot, but I look like a fit idiot. And I will learn.  And I will improve.


Take “Before” Pictures.  I actually took before pictures back when I was living in Arizona when I weighed 208 pounds.  They were cringe worthy, but 40 pounds lighter I am so glad I have them now so I can see my progress. I usually take a full body (front and side, mugshot style) pic every month so I can have something to compare myself to.  Taking before pictures says yes, this is how I look now, but I am NOT going to look like this forever.  I know there is a stronger, sexier, more confident me under there and I am going to work to bring them out.  I am worth it.


Find a Community. My boyfriend convinces me to try new things all the time and one of those things is Reddit.  I love /r/Loseit, /r/nutrition, and /r/xxfitness.  I also found a online support group of Women (shoutout to the Blazing Tornado’s Fitness Club) and my accountabilibuddy Ryan on Reddit. I text my buddies everyday and post in our Google Hangout on a Daily basis.


Say No. Doughnuts at a staff meeting? Not today. Staff member gives you candy? Pass that shit on to someone else. You know how I can say no? Because I know I live in a world where there is ALWAYS going to be candy.  There will literally always be macaroni and cheese* so I can say no for now.


Plan Maintenance Days.  No, not a cheat day where you literally eat everything you want to, a maintenance day is a day where I eat anything I want under 2200 calories.  I can still eat a Chipotle burrito and fit it into 2200 calories. When I know I have a maintenance day coming up in a few days, it is easier to say no to doughnuts. 


Let It go.  About 2 weeks ago I started to plateau and realized that I was taking everything way to seriously.  I was weighing myself everyday and really restricting my calories.  A couple of days later I almost threw in the towel completely.  I realized that this is a life long journey and I need to look at this completely differently. I don’t want fast short term results- I want life long change. Once I started adding in a couple hundred more calories, the weight started to come off again.


Again, this is just what worked for me.  I am not a doctor, a nutritionist or a personal trainer.  I learn from doing and I learn from failing. I hope these suggestions help.  I know it’s not easy, but you are worth it. 

Love, Amber

*apocolypse pending.




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