Bloggin’ again

I’ve been inspired to blog again.  For the past two months, I have been trying to brainstorm a name for a new blog. It isn’t my intention to revive this blog, but I continue to struggle with a name, so in the meantime I will blog here in order to get my thoughts down.

I’ve been tracking everything and running since early November, with a few hiccups.  In November I had a bad case of the flu when I was at my sister’s in Minneapolis for Thanksgiving, which actually helped me lose weight, but it was completely terrible. More recently, I got a bad cold which turned into a sinus infection. I am finally feeling better, though I feel my entire training plan for the Rock and Roll half marathon in June was derailed. I am determined to get back into things, but definitely feel a psychological hurdle to overcome.

I have also been very careful with my eating plan, averaging about 1500 calories a day, though again recently I feel completely derailed. Yesterday I was doing some emotional work and then found myself eating Maple Bacon Kettle Chips from the bag. I haven’t had issues controlling what I’ve been eating until this weekend, however now I am really struggling.  My hope is that I will continue to track, be honest, and talk about this so I don’t undo all the hard work I have put in recently.

Currently I am weighing in at about 160. Two summers ago, I was down to 155 and I felt great. In the short term, my goal is 155 again and see how I feel when I get there. My body seems to want to hold onto my weight when I get here, but I do believe that if I continue to work I can surpass these next 5 pounds.

Katie from has said that she wouldn’t do anything to lose weight that she wouldn’t do long term. I’m trying to keep that mentality, but recently I was eating as low as 1200 calories a day, which I do not think is sustainable. I am trying to think long term, sustainable and healthy, which is not always easy whether losing weight or not.

I will be running again tomorrow, even if I don’t feel like it. I truly believe this is just a little hump to get over, and if I stick to it, things will be back to normal before long.

Peace and Love,




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