Why I don’t like DietBet

I am an Instagram junkie and follow several women who have documented their weight loss journey via Instagram. Over the past couple of weeks, I have seen DietBets pop up on my feed.  As I have stated many times before, key elements to losing weight and keeping it gone are incorporating changes slowly, not doing anything you can’t do forever, and pacing yourself. DietBet encourages you to lose 4% of your weight in 28 days. That’s typically going to be between 4-10 pounds depending on your weight. Right now I would need to lose 6 pounds in less than a month, which doesn’t seem manageable to me.  My weight loss has slowed dramatically as I have less to lose.

I’m sure DietBet does work for some people. I’d be curious to see how many people lose the weight and keep it off. If a person was contemplating losing weight and used DietBet as a starting point, they may be very successful. In my experience the first two weeks of any diet are usually the most dramatic.

Dietbet also takes a cut of the payout- between 10 and 25% depending how much is in the pot. I understand this is a business and their technology is allowing players to participate. I would much rather spend my money elsewhere.

Am I totally off base here? Have you tried DietBet and loved it?


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