Things are getting better

The past few weeks have been tough. I’ve been going through a rough emotional patch. There is a lot in my life that looks different than it did a year ago: different job, home, commute, friends, workout routine, diet, support network-just to name a few.

As I mentioned before, I am in a 12 Step program.  Some of the work requires a detailed look into your past. I’ve done this work before, but this time I am getting to a new level of understanding and need to work on some issues that are currently affecting my life. These issues have been affecting my sleep, sense of emotional security and have been showing up in my relationship with food.

I have been meeting regularly with my sponsor, my therapist, and my running coach so I am definitely working on myself from multiple angles. All three require homework, which is keeping me fairly busy.

I have learned that hard work is worth it, but it is definitely work. I hope to look back on this time in my life, knowing that it was tough but feeling proud of how I handled myself.

Peace and Love,



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